Dakota Auditor: evaluate compliance

Application Domain: Evaluating compliance to regulations

Purpose: Dakota Auditor is used to identify environmental regulations and evaluate a given facility’s compliance. This system was developed for a business that designs, develops and markets an expert system to assist environmental regulation auditors do their jobs – identify legal requirements and evaluate compliance, document findings and monitor corrective actions.

Features: The product collects information and builds reports about which environmental regulations apply to a given facility and its compliance to those regulations. The auditor enters information about the plant under inspection and then, based on that information, identifies which legal regulations apply and presents the requirements for compliance. Numerous “what if” situations are proposed enabling the user to discover the applicable regulations in each of those scenarios and construct the necessary reports. A specific inference engine was developed for this application allowing forward and backward chaining. This technology enabled the implementation of breakthrough application features, making Dakota Auditor the standard in its market.

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