Business Analyst: Decision Support

Objective: Assist managers to focus on the most profitable areas of their businesses and take appropriate actions on less profitable or unprofitable areas such as customers, products, division of sales territories, divisions, etc.

Features: This application was developed for a large plastic manufacturer. The database is periodically fed from the company’s main transaction system and an activity base costing mechanism is performed, thus allowing it to build Profit & Loss (P&L) statements at very refined levels. Business managers can analyze their activity, determine and perform appropriate actions after data mining, ad hoc reports and more complex decision support models reveal new information. Several extensions of the system allow the managers to retrofit the company information system into some of the decisions they have made through Business Analyst.¬†Development time was extremely short using the Rapid Application Development (RAD) approach. Business Analyst uses a client/server UNIX/MS-Windows Oracle/PowerBuilder environment.

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