Solveur: diagnose failures in industrial systems

Application Domain: Industrial systems

Purpose: To diagnose failures in industrial systems. Solveur provides one or more potential causes along with their associated probabilities.

Features: Solveur is also a learning system. First, users describe an initial set of failures and the contexts in which they occurred. Then they allow the system to perform an initial diagnosis. At this point Solveur is used in the actual context. When it fails (no solution or wrong solution provided) users improve the system by describing the new failure and its associated context; thus, allowing more accurate diagnoses in the future. While being used, the system becomes more and more accurate making a quick and precise diagnosis of the failure.¬†Solveur has proven especially useful in integrating a maintenance team’s experience or recording the knowledge of senior personnel before a move or retirement. Solveur has also been tested in financial environments to select the best product combination for individual investors.

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