CallAid: real-time monitoring of automation

Application Domain: Real-time monitoring of an automated factory.

Purpose: Factories are usually automated through networks of PLCs and their associated computerized supervision. Generally such systems are excellent for normal operations – start-up and shut-down. However, they often work poorly in transient modes, lower speed operations, anticipating problems and monitoring transitions to normal operations. ┬áCallAid solves this problem.

Features: Callaid is permanently scanning the real-time database built into the PLC network to diagnose the current context. When a problem is identified or anticipated, it is reported to the operators. A context dependent simulation model is run and a path to return to normal is proposed. When approved, the path is monitored closely and a difference to that path may generate a new alert, new diagnosis and a re-run of the simulation model. Extensive reports of actual events were recorded to improve the system.┬áCallaid is used by a car manufacturer, for its highly automated paint shop. The client stated that the system’s cost was recovered within a few weeks.

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